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MHMR Services

Child and Family Services:

Provides a vast array of programs and assistance for families with children 0-18.

Intellectual and Development Disabilities (IDD):

Explains options and criteria for services, as well as referral services to people with IDD and their families.

Mental Health Services:

Serves children and adults with mental illnesses or other serious emotional needs.

Substance Use (Addiction) Services:

Provides complete, thorough treatment for recovery from addiction and substance use disorders.

Crisis Services:

24/7/365 programs designed to reduce and stabilize mental health crisis situations at no cost to the patient.

Homeless Services:

Offers programs for people living in homelessness to participate in and works to increase housing options.

Veteran Services:

Assists veterans who need mental health support, housing, benefits, support groups, and legal aid, including Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN).

Peer Partners:

People who have received services and can share their experiences with those starting services.


Mental Health First Aid and other training opportunities for employees and members of the community.

Transportation Services:

Offers assistance to people in the community so they can navigate transportation to where they need to go.