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Veteran Services

MHMR offers many services for veterans that need help with sobriety, mental health concerns and housing.

Services Include:

Peer Support – For veterans with substance abuse (addiction), mental health and/or PTSD.

Bring Everyone In The Zone (BEITZ) has 34 meetings at 15 locations per week.

Legal Aid and Veterans Court Mentors

Crisis Financial Assistance – For veterans and their families in time of emergency.

Transitional Housing – To receive support finding increased income and stable housing.

Liberty House – 30-bed transitional housing program for homeless male veterans. Liberty House offers veterans with substance abuse and mental health problems the chance to live and work in a safe and drug-free environment while working on their recovery.

Military Veterans Peer Network (MVPN) – Peers are trained to facilitate groups of veterans recovering from mental illness, substance abuse and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veteran Peers assist veterans in finding community resources, driving veterans to the VA hospital, assisting with job searches, hosting forums and celebrations for veterans and their families and mentoring veterans in the Veterans Diversion Court.

MVPN is an affiliation of service members, veterans and family members dedicated to establish camaraderie and trust with each other, identifying and vetting community resources and, collectively, contributing to the communities where we live.

For information or access to any of these programs, call the MHMR ICARE Call Center at 800-866-2465