Help Your Child Feel Safe

Parenting is stressful. Being an educator is stressful.

We are here to help you navigate to get the resources you may need for your family or your classroom.

If you need someone to talk to call our ICARE Call Center available 24/7.

Resources on this page will be updated accordingly.

ICARE Call center is available 24/7/365 for support, access to care, and mental health emergencies. For medical emergencies call 9-1-1. 

Help Me Thrive

Help Me Thrive and Help Me Grow Navigation is FREE

For Youth ages 6 -17

Help Me Thrive is connecting all families with our navigators. We partner caregivers with their community resources that go hand in hand with families’ needs. 

The goal is to provide the best possible resources for all families with youth ages 6-18 to address the needs of the family and their children, at no cost to them. 

Call 844-NTX-TEEN to get connected. 

More information about Help Me Thrive North Texas visit 

Help Me Grow North Texas

For Children ages 0-5

Help Me Grow North Texas provides an information line that connects a family or provider to child development services and other community-based resources within your area. 

You will be connected to an experienced child development specialist, a family navigator, who can provide education, resources and information on developmental screenings to meet the families specific needs. 

Call 844-NTX-KIDS to get connected with a family navigator today. 

More information about Help Me Grow North Texas visit 


Parents and Care Givers


Child & Family Services

The Child and Family Services’ vision is to create a division that enhances the families’ capacity to support the growth and development of the entire family – adults, youth and children.

Prenatal through Five

Prenatal through Five

For more information regarding services for expecting families and families with children through age five.

Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Intervention

Call 844-NTX-KIDS

Six through Twelve

Six through Twelve

For more information regarding services for families with children ages six through twelve...

Call 844-NTX-TEENS

Thirteen through Seventeen

Thirteen through Seventeen

For more information regarding services for families with youth thirteen through seventeen

Call 844-NTX-TEENS

Youth Services