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My Healthy My Resources of Tarrant County (MHMR) is offering FREE short-term crisis counseling and stress management to individuals and groups in Tarrant and Denton counties impacted by the COVID19 pandemic as part of the Texans Recovering Together initiative.  

Access to the FREE Crisis Counseling Program is available by calling or texting the MHMR ICARE Call Center at 817-335-3022. Trained mental health professionals are available 24/7/365. 

To learn more about our support groups or schedule a presentation, contact Susanne Malone, Clinical Director: Susanne.Malone@mhmrtc.org

For media inquiries, contact Brian Brooks, Communication Coordinator at Brian.Brooks@mhmrtc.org.

Texans Recovering Together Toolkit

The Texans Recovering Together toolkit is available for you to download files and images to help bring community awareness to the free offering of crisis counseling for those in North Texas due to COVID19.

To download - click on the folder to see the individual files and click on the file to download.

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